Bond flea service from $145-

End of Lease Flea Service

  • $145.00 affordable service starting price.

  • 3 month service warranty.

  • Short notice bookings available.

End of lease flea services can cause a real headache for the vacating tenant. The property manager and the tenant moving in. The vacating tenant does not want to spend a fortune on a property they are about to move out of and the property manager and incoming tenant do not want a persistent flea infestation that was not caused by them. That is where the Local Pest Experts Flea service assurance comes in.

Bond flea service from $145-

Our End of Bond flea service from $145- (prices may increase for out of town service or large houses and yards) is economical for the vacating tenant to retrieve their bond and our 3 month service warranty ensures the property manager or incoming tenant aren’t left with a surprise flea infestation.

Local Pest Experts have a team of 6 highly trained, pest control technicians servicing Port Macquarie, Forster, Taree, Gloucester and everywhere in between. This ensures we can provide our service in a timely manner to suit your vacating dates.

Fleas are a notoriously persistent pest which undertake a complete metamorphosis life cycle consisting of egg>larva>pupa>adult. It is the pupal stage of this life cycle which can cause havoc with flea control. Once the pest enters the cocoon like pupal case before emerging as an adult they are ‘untouchable’ to pesticides. The sticky, thick pupal case, often covered in dust protects the delicate, transforming life form inside.

Local Pest Experts

This means that the pest will remain inside, unharmed until they are provoked to emerge. Fleas have evolved to only emerge from this pupal casing once vibration and C02 are detected indicating a food source is waiting. The unsuspecting first entrant becomes covered in fleas as they all attempt to gain a blood feed, lay eggs and continue the cycle. The good news is, they will not last long after this emergence. The residual insecticide applied by Local Pest Experts, targeted for flea control will contact the pest and almost instantaneously drop the attacking population. This event is likely to reoccur, depending on local activity in the infested area, for a number of days before the residing flea pupa have all hatched and met their fate.

Not sure if what you are seeing is normal? This all forms part of the Local Pest Experts flea service assurance. Contact our team and we will let you know. What happens if the fleas remains active? Our 3 month flea service assurance service warranty means that we will eliminate the infestation at no further cost during this period. Read enough? Contact our team to book your Expert end of lease flea service now!

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