Community Involvement and Sponsorships

At Local Pest Experts, being present within our community and offering our support is very important to us. We take pride in participating in community events and offering sponsorships to our local sporting teams, schools, and groups. Local Pest Experts proudly support: Taree West Public School – End of Term Medallions: Sponsorship Cundletown Hockey Club…

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants (Camponotus sp.) are a genus of ant that includes over 1000 species and are located right across Australia with some species commonly called ‘sugar ants’. Their habit of nesting in timber that has already deteriorated as a result of termites or wood decaying fungi and ejected waste that often resembles wood shavings is regularly enough the cause of a frantic phone call to our office from a concerned homeowner. 

Moths in your kitchen?

So you open your pantry and a flutter of moths bombard you, you look at your ceiling and see some ‘spider egg looking things’ and their are some sort of maggots crawling on the shelves. What is going on here? You have a stored product pest. Moths in your kitchen? More specifically the pest we…

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Red Back Spider

THE REDBACK SPIDER (Latrodectus hasselti) A spider, unmistakable. Its shiny black cuticle glistens around its velvet red stripe. A spider with a lethal venom and an explosive breeding rate. Red back spider are infamous for their deadly venom and adaptability to the human environment. They are immortalised in history and send shivers down the spine…

Winter and pests

Winter is coming…. Apart from allowing everyone to use cheesy Game of Thrones references, the impending cold weather has many effects on the pest pressure at your home. One common misconception we hear is that cockroaches ‘hibernate’ over this period. Winter and pests have direct relation. In fact, all arthropods (including insects and arachnids) slow…

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