Pest Control in the wet weather

What if it rains after the pest control is completed?

Recently had an Expert pest control treatment and worried about the affect this rain will have on the treatment’s longevity? Pest Control in the wet weather. Never fear, Local Pest Experts are sure to apply the products and ensure proper application and drying times are met before we leave the job site. The pesticides used by Local Pest Experts are high quality, R&D tested products designed for long term, safe control of pests. Once the product has been applied and dried on the contact surface it adheres and is very difficult to remove. While high pressure cleaning equipment or ‘scrubbing’ will likely remove some of the product, rain or general ‘hosing’ will not likely have any effect on the product already on the surface and the life expectancy will remain the same.

‘I’ve had my annual treatment, but in the last few days I have seen a few cockroaches and a wolf spider’

Another common concern around unsettled weather is the seeming re-occurrence of pest activity, particularly ground dwelling spiders and cockroaches.

This is expected. When it rains a lot of these pests are displaced from their normal home in burrows, drains, trees etc. And the smart place to move is inside with you! If you have had Expert pest control though. what you would expect to see is dead bodies, slow – pesticide affected pests and the obvious disappearance of the new comers. As they contact the pesticides applied to their harbourage areas.

What if it is raining on the day I have Local Pest Experts booked for my pest control?

Pest Control in the wet weather?

At Local Pest Experts we have a focus on minimal impact, efficient and effective service for all our customers. For this reason, if the external areas are unable to get treated due to unsettled weather. we simply get as much as we can done and then return another day to finish the outside. This allows us to minimise delays in treatment completion and ensures your pest control treatment is completed in a timely manner.

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