Winter and pests

Winter is coming….

Apart from allowing everyone to use cheesy Game of Thrones references, the impending cold weather has many effects on the pest pressure at your home. One common misconception we hear is that cockroaches ‘hibernate’ over this period. Winter and pests have direct relation. In fact, all arthropods (including insects and arachnids) slow their growth and reproduction when conditions are less favourable. Before this happens though, there is a step that gets less attention. In their hunt for ongoing survival and increased production.

Winter and pests

Their instincts kick in and they search for a less seasonal, more stable environment with consistent food and water source… if only there was a building designed for comfortable living with food scraps and running water… like your house! With this in mind, it is logical to realise that, at least short term pest invasions can be expected in the early winter. Large cockroaches especially, who would have otherwise been happy living in surrounding gardens, concrete cracks or sewage systems now see your house as theirs!

Rodents have been breeding and increasing numbers in fields, sewers, gardens, bins and anywhere that has the recipe for life. As expected though, as it gets cold and wet, they also need a new home, your home. Residential rodent services increase exponentially throughout the winter period as rodents move in in droves and their fast reproductive patterns ensure their numbers only increase inside your home.

What does this mean for your pest control services?

One questions we often have posed to us is ‘when is the best time to have a cockroach treatment completed?’ There are 2 answers I usually give to this; 1 – before you have cockroaches 2 – at Local Pest Experts we provide a 12 month warranty on domestic cockroach services, making any time of year the right time. The reason to have a cockroach treatment completed before you get cockroaches, is that our treatments are residual treatments which will prevent cockroach infestations.

If cockroaches are allowed to infest prior to treatment, the treatment will often flush them from their hiding places increasing apparent cockroach activity for up to 2 weeks after the treatment. Infested areas also become peppered with regurgitation marks, droppings and skin cases which produce an attractive pheromone to other cockroaches, signalling a safe place to hide. Although the product is in place and actively controlling cockroaches as they seek this refuge, ongoing cockroach sighting can be expected as the cycle of attractions > entry > product contact and mortality will continue until the strong pheromones subside.

Rodent services are a must! Local Pest Experts rodent control programs take an integrated approach to population control. Our two stage baiting program, including a follow up service after a few weeks ensures current population control, while the follow up allows us to replace the consumed bait for any other rodents that may enter in the following months. We also do a comprehensive inspection of the structure and provide recommendations to reduce pressure from pests by making the surrounding environment less attractive and blocking potential entry points with rodent resistant materials.

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