Termite Baiting & Monitoring Systems

Your home. What’s it worth to you? Do you have insurance? For flood? Fire? Storms?
What If I told you that there is a natural force you aren’t insured for? And get this, it does more damage each year than all of these… COMBINED!
Yep, we are talking termites.  

Too often during construction, purchase and in general maintenance termite management gets placed in the ‘it’ll never happen to me’ box, shoved in a deep storage and forgotten about.
The real flaw in this logic is that given that 3 in 5 properties are affected by termites, statistically speaking it’s more likely that it will happen to you. 

So, what can you do to be proactive about termite management?  

Termite management systems are an individually designed plan that takes into consideration your structure’s location, environmental conduciveness and construction methods to provide the best possible protection from termite attack.
With this in mind, it’s easy to see how a simple website post can’t give you all the answers you need, that’s where our qualified termite Experts come in.
In this post though, we can explain the benefits of a termite management system that is very flexible in application, incredibly effective and applicable to all most all situations.  

Termite baiting and monitoring in essence uses specially designed inspection and baiting stations installed in a specific pattern, exploiting nuance environmental conduciveness to attract termites that are close to entering your house.
Termites can forage up to 100m from their nest in search of a food source. By taking advantage of their foraging patterns, we can lure termites that are in imminent risk of entering your house (within 3 meters of the stations) into the monitoring station, where our Expert technicians can apply treatment that will effectively eliminate the nest, before they get the chance to enter your house. Using a bait containing an active ingredient with the mode of action – chitin synthesis inhibition, these baits are incredibly safe for your family, pest and the surrounding environment.  

Termite baiting and monitoring is, to this day incorrectly thought of as a ‘new’ termite management option. This probably stems from the lack of change in termite management solutions from chemical heavy, soil treatments for many years.
Termite monitoring and baiting systems have been used in Australia for 25 years with incredible advancement in bait palatability, station design and installation procedure.
Of these 25 years, the team at Local Pest Experts have been using these systems for over 20, without failure. The key to our success is the high training requirement of our technicians, stringent process in the management of a site’s termite risk and the fail-safe administration process of ensuring site visits are scheduled, completed, and reported flawlessly.  

For more information on termite monitoring and baiting, check out the below video explanations and case studies, or book your next inspection with an Expert timber pest technician. 


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