How to prepare your home, ready for rodent season

Rodents have been a human enemy for thousands of years. Dense urban populations, intricate sewage systems and inadequate waste disposal methods are allowing rodent populations in regional Australia to surge to unprecedented numbers.

Their part in spreading the oriental flea and therefore the Bubonic plague in the 14th century throughout Europe, contributed to more than 25 million human lives lost. Tonnes of food waste in crop, after harvest and before the dinner plate are associated with rodent consumption and contamination every year.

Rodent damaged wires causing 1 in 4 house fires and rodents being a known vector for disease such as leptospirosis, murine and gastrointestinal infections make them one of the most destructive urban pests of all time.

A mild summer, excessive vegetive growth and an impending cold winter is looking awfully reminiscent of last year’s plague conditions.

It is time to start planning now for rodent management at your home.

Five (5) tips to help rodent proof your home are as follows:

  1. Block any entry holes on the external walls. As a rule, any hole the size of your thumb can be used by a rat and any the size of your pinkie finger could be used by a mouse. Common gaps rodents use to gain entry to your house will be around air-conditioning services, under doors and large weep holes.
  2. Keep them off the roof. Roof rats (Rattus Rattus) are one of the most prevalent species we see in houses. They are extremely good climbers and overhanging vegetation will give them an easy ladder onto the roof. Once they are on the roof there are a multitude of entry points that are unlikely to be completely blocked.
  3. Only put enough pet food out for one setting. Rodents love to eat pet food so leaving out pet food in open containers will encourage rodents to live close by.
  4. Keep dense vegetation away from your house. Rodents happily live in long grass, hedging, burrows around composting or even up trees. Until it gets cold or wet, that is. Letting them live near your house until then is a bad idea. As soon as outside becomes uncomfortable, inside looks more attractive.
  5. Have Local Pest Experts do an inspection and rodent treatment before it is too late. At Local Pest Experts we provide a rodent service which includes the inspection of your property with a comprehensive report on findings and recommendations on environmental changes that will prevent ongoing issues. In addition, the set up and installation of a rodent baiting system with pet friendly active ingredients and a follow up service to assess activity levels.

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