Rain and Pest Control

Well, there has only been 8 days pass in November and the Mid North Coast has seen a substantial amount of rain. Forster / Tuncurry has seen the most with 80.3mm. Closely followed by the Port Macquarie / Camden Haven area at 62mm, then Taree / Gloucester with 43.4mm. But what does this rainfall mean with regards to the impending pest season.

Every pest, directly or indirectly, has a huge reliance on available water. Cockroaches and ants will flourish in wet, warm conditions. Flying insects such as mosquito’s¬†will have explosive populations with the excess ground water and with flying insects comes the predators, webbing spiders. Rodent populations will grow exponentially. Although you likely won’t notice it until next winter when they want to move back into your house, the recent mild winter followed by what has been a favourable start to the warmer months will lead to huge numbers in rodents. Finally the dreaded termites, the things most home owners prefer to pretend don’t exist until it’s too late. Termites need 2 things, wood (lignocellulose for the tech people) and water. If your house has poor drainage, dripping guttering or poor ventilation the recent weather is going make your house a termite magnet. A study from the CSIRO found that about 1 in 3 houses on mainland Australia has, or has had a termite problem. My preferred saying is that there a 2 types of houses on the Mid North Coast, those that have termites and those that will have termites.

With the above in mind and Christmas approaching faster than any of us care to admit, there has never been a better time to contact your Local Pest Experts and secure your booking.