Pre-Purchase Inspection

Buying a house is a big deal. So are termites and other timber pests.

So, you are buying a house. You look at it, maybe twice and then agree to 30 years of financial commitment in what will be the biggest single financial transaction of your life. But what are you buying? This is where your Local Pest Experts come in. The idea of having your inspections is to be an informed buyer. Has the property had termites, or worse, does it? Are there any bathroom, flashing, roof or plumbing leaks? Fungal Decay, wood boring insects and conditions which will raise the likelihood of future timber pest attack. These are all thing you don’t think of when you fall in love with a house, luckily for you, we do!

Here are a few points to consider when choosing an inspector.

  • Do you know what the report says?

Pre purchase timber pest inspections are an incredibly litigious field of work. For this reason pre purchase timber pest inspection reports are usually formulated by an insurance company or solicitor and are usually, by design, difficult to read and understand to reduce the risk of legal action. At Local Pest Experts, we have taken a different approach. We have recently taken the report, and written it from scratch taking out all the legal jargon and making it as readable as possible for our clients. We comment on Termites (subterranean and dampwood) damage and activity, Fungal Decay, Wood Boring insects and any conditions which may make timber pest activity more likely at the property. We attach photos where possible to allow you to see what we see, without getting in the roof or under the house. It’s an incredibly descriptive report and sets out in plain language any restrictions or access limitations which may affect the report. Aaaand better still, where possible once the inspection has been completed, we will discuss any findings with you to ensure you are the informed buyer you need to be.

  • When can it be done?

Local Pest Experts have 6 technicians, 4 of which can complete pre purchase timber pest inspections and 2 administration staff able to make the bookings, type the reports and email or post them back to you. This ensures that we can allocate the time to have your inspection done and the report back to you in the shortest time frame, giving you the competitive edge in a fast moving property market.

  • Are they insured?

Unfortunately it is no longer a legal requirement for pre-purchase inspectors to have public liability or professional indemnity insurance. This, in the event of their failure will often leave you with no ability to seek legal compensation. Local Pest Experts have a high level of insurance, not that you will need it.

  • Are they qualified?

The accepted industry standard for a timber pest inspector is to show competency in units 8 and 10 from the certificate III in urban pest management (timber pest units). The Australian Standard however, does not take this same approach, noting that ‘the inspection is to be carried out by a suitably qualified person.’ This leaves what ‘suitably qualified’ is up to interpretation and no specific requirement for licensing. Local Pest Experts have a suite of highly qualified timber pest inspectors with Duane and his 25 + years of experience, Ethan with his 12+ years, Trent with his 9 + years and Tristen having 6+ years you can assure you are getting the most experience, qualified Local team of Experts.

  • Are they experienced?

Having a license or competency in units 8 and 10, unfortunately is no assurance. Some unscrupulous registered training authorities are offering this qualification in the form of a 2 week course, you read it correctly, 2 weeks. At Local Pest Experts as stated above all of our pre purchase timber pest inspectors have load of experience. Our least experience termite technician, has almost 3 years industry experience and is yet to be on unsupervised pre purchase inspections as we aim to ensure you are getting exactly what you pay for.

  • Are they trusted?

The Local Pest Experts team have 19 years of well documented Local experience to the Mid North Coast servicing all areas from Tea Gardens to Port Macquarie, including Forster, Tuncurry, Wingham, Gloucester, Harrington, Camden Haven, Old Bar Wallabi Point, Krambach, Comboyne and everywhere in between. Giving you the reassurance that once we have completed your pre purchase timber pest inspection and you have bought your home, we will be there to service you and your asset for all your pest needs. From termites to cockroaches, spiders to bed bugs, we are Experts at it all.

The decision to purchase a house is an incredibly important one and one which should not be rushed. Unfortunately in the current market, you will need to act quickly. Your Local Pest Experts can ensure you have all the information to make an informed decision in the shortest time possible, giving you an advantage over anyone else.