LPE Mouse in the House Bundle

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Contents of The Pack

  • 3 x Protecta RTU
  • 1 x 1.8kg Contrac Blox
  • 1 x  Station key


Solution to Rodent Control

Introducing the LPE Mouse in the House

With a combination of RTU stations, along with potent Contrac Blox, this bundle offers unparalleled protection for your home or business. Rid your home of pesky rodents

Overview of Mouse Bundle Items

Here are all the products that you get with your LPE Mouse in the House Bundle


Mouse-size PROTECTA RTU, a staple of the industry since 1991, holds 1 1 oz., 1 20g blox and 2 15g blox, as well as up to 6 10g soft bait sachets. Triangular-shaped with angled entry holes, PROTECTA RTU fits flush against a wall or in a corner where mice travel. Mice do not hesitate to enter and once they’re inside, the station’s interior baffles lead them to the bait.

Compact PROTECTA RTU fits in tight baiting places under pallets, in cupboards or behind appliances. It is made of heavy-duty, injection-molded plastic to withstand tough baiting situations.


Kills Rodents in a Single Feeding

CONTRAC All-Weather BLOX is a single-feeding anticoagulant rodenticide containing the active ingredient, bromadiolone.

CONTRAC BLOX is an excellent clean-out and maintenance bait to control mice and rats.

CONTRAC BLOX is specially formulated with an optimal blend of high-quality ingredients and a small amount of paraffin. The result is a palatable, yet weatherable, bait that works well in wet and dry conditions. Bait acceptance with CONTRAC is superior due to its palatable formulation.

Step-by-Step Guides

Master Mouse Control Instructional Videos

Get the most out of your LPE Mouse in the House Bundle with our comprehensive video guide series! With these expert-led tutorials, you’ll master the art of effective rodent control in no time. From step-by-step station installations to baiting advice, our videos will walk you through every aspect of the bundle, ensuring you’re equipped with the knowledge and confidence to keep your space rodent-free. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to a pest-free peace of mind.