When it rains, it pours!

The bug apocalypse? Not with Local Pest Experts.

Well, while most of us through the Mid North Coast from Port Macquarie to Bulahdelah or Forster to Gloucester are happy to see the rain, so are the pests! This is that change the pests have been waiting for. While we have had an unseasonably warm winter and spring, the lack of rain has proven less than favourable to pests, but now that’s changed.

The cockroaches will be scurrying out of the drains and venturing further in to houses through Taree, Tuncurry and Port Macquarie. While the ants ramp up their efforts for world domination in Forster, Gloucester and Old Bar. Don’t forget about the webbing spiders! The increase in available water is exactly what most flying and crawling insects have been waiting for to have their young. Along with their increased pest status, they promote the spider activity. The much dreaded pest Red Back spider inhabits almost all homes through the Hastings, Manning Valley and Great Lakes regions. With their adapted web formation enabling them to catch both flying and crawling bugs! The construction masterminds of orb weaving spiders will be busily creating the beautiful, big, wheel shaped webs to catch unexpected flying insects, or morning jogger. While the unsightly black house spider will be spinning a mess all over the house you tirelessly try to keep clean!

… and we can’t forget about the termites… everyone knows about them, yet seems to pretend they don’t exist until it’s to late! Most people will spend thousands of dollars a year servicing and maintaining their car because they are an expensive asset and you would be lost without it. But think of that in comparison to your house. Your house is worth often more than 100 x as much and what would you do without it? When was your last maintenance termite inspection or preventative termite treatment? Every single day, our Expert pest technicians see termites, their destruction and a homeowners devastation. Don’t let that be you!

While it might seem like the bug Apocalypse is on the horizon, it doesn’t have to. Your Local Pest Experts can create a pest control experience you never thought possible. We are Experts at, not only pest control you need, but the service you should expect. At Local Pest Experts we hold the service level that we provide in the highest esteem to ensure our customers receive the Expert pest control we are known for, and the seamless and tailored service they love. We look forward to protecting your house and family.