It’s PEST season!

Ever wondered why you seem to see less of the nasty little critters crawling around your kitchen in Taree, red backs under your furniture in Forster or the dreaded orb weaving spiders you walk into every morning in Camden Haven?

Well, to put it simply.. it comes down to hormones. Arthropods (including insects and arachnids) have a juvenile gland which releases a growth reducing hormone when the conditions are non conducive to exponential growth. Like most living things pests such as cockroaches, spiders, silverfish, ants etc. need three vital elements to survive, water, food and shelter. With regard to insects in particular a fourth element comes into play, climate.

Where humans are involved shelter, water and food are always in abundance, but one thing that we can’t provide is the warmer weather that allows them to thrive. Luckily for them the glorious Mid North Coast weather that we all love provides this for them! Within an instant the growth reducing hormone stops being produced and numbers flourish. Each female German cockroach starts producing an egg case containing some 40 eggs every month, Red Back spiders start spinning up an egg case to hold up to 250 young, the queen ants starts laying eggs like there is no tomorrow to ensure her colonies dominance and one of the best pests at surviving the less friendly conditions, the flea, will hatch from its pupae where it can sit for 12 month if need be.

So, when is the best time to act? Well that is going to depend on the pest you are concerned with. Some pests such as fleas and ants are unable to be met with a long lived preventative treatment making their control better combated with a ‘watch and act’ type of response. Others such as the dreaded cockroach can have a long lasting preventative treatment applied, allowing your Local Pest Experts to apply a 12 month service warranty to the associated treatments. Meaning that this pest can be effectively controlled from any point throughout the year! Click here for more information on the Local Pest Experts services and warranties.

Anyone who is lucky enough to live in our beautiful part of the world, weather it’s the beaches and fish filled water ways of Camden Haven, The Manning Valley or Great Lakes that you live for or the untouched beauty of the rolling hills in Comboyne, Mount George or Gloucester you deserve to enjoy it all without the incessant annoyance that pests create. So here is to a trouble free BBQ season thanks to the help from your Local Pest Experts!