Winter Rodent Mayhem

Winter is commm….. here…

Last summers moderate temperatures and generous rainfall has lead to a food and harbourage abundance for rodents throughout Taree, Forster and Gloucester. When you mix that with an animal group with the potential to have a population growth from a single pair to thousands withing just 1 year favourable conditions can, and have had a huge impact on the pest pressure applied to your house.

Sleeping outside is not a good idea, even for rodents. The sub-zero temperatures we are getting throughout Gloucester and other rural settings along with more moderate low single digit figures along the coastal areas of Taree, Forster, Harrington, Old Bar and Luarieton have made your house an attractive option for these pests. We have been seeing rodent intrusion rates increase by up to 300% in recent months causing distress for many home owners.

How can we help you?

Our technicians are highly trained Pest control Experts with a Local knowledge second to none. They will inspect your place top to bottom and apply a treatment to control the rodent issues as well as providing a comprehensive inspection report with recommendations on future proofing measures. Want to DIY? we have a range of snap traps, glueboards and tamper resistant stations we can supply to make for safe DIY rodent control.