Why is termite protection so important?

On the Australian mainland, studies suggest that 3 in every 5 houses will be attacked by termites. On the Mid North Coast I prefer the saying ‘There are two types of house, those that have termites and those that are going to get termite’. Worse still, on the Mid North Coast there are generally only 3 naturally occurring things which can destroy your home, fire, flood and termites, and, termites are the only one you can’t insure for.

When is the best time to plan for termite control?

When building a new home, their are many things to consider, what colour floor covering do you want, what paint will look the best, what tap handles you want, the list goes on. All these things if you get it wrong, can be changed. But it’s the termite management which goes forgotten. Often the builder will ring a friend of a friend and have something done to be compliant, but… is compliance what it is about?

During the construction phase of a building is the perfect time to plan what you want to get out of your termite management into the future.

Do you want low initial cost with much higher follow up costs?

Do you want to have a system that may cost a little more but could save you a small fortune in the future?

Do you want a low maintenance, low ongoing cost system which will ensure that a simple termite inspection will find the termites before it’s too late?

Do you want chemical or non chemical control?

The market is rapidly changing in what is available for pre-construction termite control and is allowing us endless options to protect your home from now and into the future. Local Pest Experts offer a huge range of options to our customers. We can install Kordon a ‘chemical in non soil matrix’ (physical membrane) which will ensure termites cannot sneak into your house, a reticulation system such as TermX teamed up with Termidor  or, for an unscheduled chemical option Altriset to provide long lasting protection and drop labour rates by up to 90% for the re-installation of a termiticide treated zone (formerly known as a chemical termite barrier) or offer you ongoing management, support and the reassurance of regular site visits with the Setricon Always Active system.

So if you are building from Port Macquarie to Tea Gardens, Gloucester to Forster take the time, talk to a Local Pest Expert, and let us help you plan termite control for your house to provide it with the best control for your situation from now and into the future.

What if I didn’t get the opportunity to plan for ongoing termite control?

Don’t stress. While it is ideal to plan during construction, your Local Pest Experts can customise a termite control system to suit your house. The options often aren’t as plentiful and it may not be as cost effective as a termite control plan from construction on, but we will work with you and let you know the best option to suit you, your house and your budget.