How Does Rain Affect Pests?

How does the rain affect pests around your house?

These early season rains really kick start the pest control season around Taree, Forster and Port Macquarie.

Termites – We have already had a huge increase in termite activity with six (6) active jobs coming in across Port Macquarie, Taree and Forster in the last few weeks. The available water source coupled with warming weather is going to make for a huge increase in termite activity

Cockroaches – The drains have been filling with cockroaches for the last 2 months. In Taree, Forster and Port Macquarie our intricate sewage and storm water offer a lot for cockroaches. Warm, humid, plenty of water and plenty of food all add up to a perfect home for cockroaches as as populations bloom in these areas they will start to make their way into your house. Especially with the 100mm or so we have copped up and down the coast from Port Macquarie, through Taree and past Forster, as these drains fill with water the cockroaches need a new place to live, and to them, your place looks perfect!

Spiders – With plenty of water around comes lots of flying insects, and where there are lots of flying insects there are lots of spiders trying to catch them! Whether you are in Taree, Forster or Port Macquarie you would have come face to face with some of the larger orb weaving spider species we get on the Mid North Coast who seem to set their webs up every night just to get it on your face in the morning and if you have kids the much feared red back spiders eggs are hatching causing havoc all up and down the Mid North Coast. With up to 250 in young in a single red back spider egg sac we often see population explosions in conditions like this.

Rodents – Often as the weather warms we will see rodent jobs settle out through Forster, Port Macquarie and Taree. As the weather warms the external environments become alot more conducing to rodents, and so, rat and mouse populations simply continue outside. With heavy rainfall though, their burrows and nests become flooded with water and back inside they move!

Fleas – If your house or pests had fleas at the end of Autumn earlier this year and the populations seemed to ‘stop’, you may be in for a bit of a shock. Fleas can rest in a pupal form for upto 12 months, waiting for the warm, humid weathers of the Mid North Coast to return. What we will expect to see through Forster, Taree and Port Macquarie over coming weeks is the sun to pop back out and along with it, flea infestations!

It doesn’t matter what pest it is, if you want that pest controlled and you live in Taree, Forster, Wingham, Gloucester, Port Macquarie, Laurieton, Camden Haven, Kew, Harrinton, Bulladelah or anywhere on the Mid North Coast, you need an Expert, a Local Pest Expert.