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Expert Pest Control in Taree and the Manning Valley

Following the Manning River through the windy creeks of Barrington and Gloucester, and the trickles turn to tidal estuaries flowing along the banks of Wingham, under the Martin Bridge at Taree and finding the ocean at Harrington, Manning Point and Old Bar is the beautiful Manning Valley. Local Pest Experts have been providing Expert pest control to many homes and business' for over 20 years, with a reputation built on quality and workmanship which is second to none.

Specialising in:

  • Termite control - Achieving Expert results in all aspects of termites baiting, preventative treatments and pre-construction termite management.
  • General Pest Control - Providing pest control services for cockroaches, spiders, fleas, ants, rodents, bee removal and Bird mites.
  • Commercial Pest Control - Local Pest Experts currently service multiple government buildings, cafe's, clubs, schools, pre schools and food productions facilities. Providing a pest control program complying to safe foods, food safe and HACCP.
  • Pre-Purchase inspections - Buying your dream home? Do it with confidence with an Expert pest inspection from a hiughly trained timber pest technician and a comprehensive report. Helping you make an informed decision on your big purchase.
  • Bed bugs - Local Pest Experts have been successfully treating bedbugs in Motels and houses for 20 years.

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With the current weather conditions around Taree, Forster and Gloucester, you wouldn’t be crazy to assume we are about to be inundated with pests. Cockroaches, Spiders, Termites, Silverfish, Fleas, you name it, summer time is their time! Rain followed by hot, humid conditions are a perfect combination for pests.

Ever wondered why you don’t see as many insects or spiders in winter? Throughout the cooler months and in unfavourable conditions these pests release a juvenile hormone which slows or completely stops growth. The perfect example of this is a Flea. Fleas can remain in their pupation for longer than 12 months waiting for the right conditions or a food source to ensure their survival. As soon as the conditions change though, as they now have, they grow, and quickly! Soon enough your house is crawling with Cockroaches, Red back spiders cover the kids play equipment, Fleas are making you itch and Termites are moving in and start eating your house! The best defence is a good offence. Proactive pest control beats reactive treatments hands down. Fix the problem before you even know it’s there and now is the time to act!

Call your friendly, Local Pest Experts for your protection this year.

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