Rats, rodents, house mouse, field mouse what ever you want to call them we can fix them.

I’m sure you have noticed it’s getting cold outside. You have probably also notice a few scratches and noises in the roof.             And might hear droppings in the kitchen, these aren’t unrelated. Would you want to live outside in these temperatures? No, so why would rats and mice when your house is right there with enough room for the biggest rat or the smallest mouse!

At Local Pest Experts, we care, about your house, and your family. Whether your children have 2 legs or 4 and a wagging tail, we want to ensure they are safe. For the months of July and August, we will be adding a FREE Protecta LP rodent station with every domestic rodent job. Protecta LP stations have the highest, tier 1 rating, making it the safest option for your kids and pets. Local Pest Experts, use highly palatable rodent baits with low secondary toxicity, this coupled with our Expert technicians know how will ensure the safest possible outcome for your family.

An Expert rodent treatment is more than a set and forget type treatment. Local Pest Experts undertake a 2 stage program.

  1. The initial stage. In this stage our Expert technician will investigate your concerns. We are looking for evidence of rat or mouse infestation, conducive conditions to rodents and potential entry points. Once this is done we can formulate and complete a customised rodent treatment plan and give recommendation in environmental changes which should see prolonged rodent management.
  2. Stage 2, the follow up. This included service allows us the opportunity to return, assess the effectiveness of the treatment, reinstate consumed baits and provide further priceless information for ongoing rodent management.

Our management formula allows the Local Pest Experts the ability to apply a 3 month service warranty on all domestic jobs. This combined with the free Protecta LP tamper resistant rodent station makes it a deal so good. I’m surprised you are still reading. Hurry, Book Now to avoid missing out!



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